Our Story


Tradition, passion, and innovation

In the beginning, it was anything but easy. We envisioned creating a local label that could be shared worldwide. A local label where the product begins in a small workshop in the Restrepo, in Bogota where the design, and the craftsmanship took place and each shoe is crafted by local artisans with knowledge that has been handed down for generations, and with Italian expertise of how shoes should be made.

We overcome many obstacles on the path to achieving our dream. So we founded our shoemaking Factory at Restrepo, a small shoemaking business. From our grandfather to our fathers and to us, our entire family could make shoes.

It was here that we learned to value the intimate details, and unique process for achieving quality. The privilege of working with Colombian artisans, has been our biggest success to date. Without them, we would not have access to this secret world of shoemaking artistry.