Suede Shoe Care

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Before you get started


Tip 1

USE SHOE TREES - Using wooden shoe trees will help to absorb moisture and maintain the shape of the shoes as they dry out. Using a shoe horn prevents damage to the heels, counter and top line.

Tip 2

FLAMING SUEDE - If your suede shoes have become ‘furry’, as in the nap has drawn out from the suede, you can use a naked flame from a lighter to gently remove this unwanted nap. This longer nap can often give the effect that the suede has faded. Using a raw flame must be done with extreme caution and you must ensure you keep the flame moving at all times. Do not leave suede hovering over a flame as it will burn and damage the skin.

Tip 3

STEAMING SUEDE - Following the use of a flame, and if you do not have any re-colouring spray to hand, hover your suede shoes upside down over the steam from a boiling kettle is remarkable at bring suede back to life in the short term.

Tip 4

PROTECT FROM THE ELEMENTS - To aid waterproofing, we recommend using our waterproof spray. This impregnator spray is highly concentrated in flourished resins and is very effective against rain, snow and all types of potential staining agents such as grease and alcohol based drinks.

Tip 5

WAX CRAYON - During the manufacturing process, we ink stain and wax set the sole edges to increase water resistance. As one can imagine, soles take the most abuse during wear, coming into contact with hard surfaces regularly. At home, you can use a hard wax crayon to apply a similar colour wax to the edges where any raw fibres from the leather welt or sole are visible or where the factory wax has been damaged through wear.

Tip 6

LEATHER SOLES - Remove your
shoes either before, or immediately after, entering your home. Wearing gloves, wipe the edges and soles with alcohol or a disinfectant pad. Let them dry completely. Once dry, apply a layer of clear polish and leather moisturizer to the soles to help safeguard against drying and cracking.